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NTG Global handles customs clearance for all the customers who need it. We need the following documents to issue the correct papers:

Companies with a Finnish organization number

  • Finnish organization number
  • Packing list and commercial invoice
  • If possible, a copy of GSP- or EUR1-certificate (for tariff reduction)
  • Copy of Bill og Lading
  • HS code or a detailed product description

Private customers – Personal effects/Removal cargo (VAT and duty free)

  • Packing list
  • Copy of passport
  • Proof of residence abroad for at least 1 year (examples could be confirmation from school or copy of your passport)
  • Identification number (for foreigners – you can submit for a temporary personal identification number at customs)

Private clients – freight of all kind

  • Packing list and commercial invoice
  • If possible, a copy of GSP or EUR1 certificate (for tariff reduction)
  • Organization or identification number
  • Copy of bill of lading

If you have any questions regarding customs clearance you are very welcome to contact our customs team.

DK Contact – Customs clearance airfreight and seafreight

Elisa Regwan:
Tel: +358 40 900 6467

Anne Allonen:
Tel: +358 40 774 0936

Kirsi Elf:
Tel: +358 50 378 4137

Nina Niemi:
Tel: +358 50 568 5851

Sirpa Simpson:
Tel: +358 40 774 0955